Adding detail to flowers in a porcelain painting is easy with tips from an artist. Learn how to add detail to flowers in a porcelain painting in this free video. Expert: Sharlee McCulley Bio: Sharlee McCulley has been a freelance artist for over 40 yrs. During those years she has painted on everything from canvas, rocks to china. Filmmaker: Jason Van Vleet
What do you do with fresh McDonald's French Fries and 10 packets of Ketchup? You paint with them of course. 50 min speed painting plays in 4 mins. Ketchup as paint and french fries as a paint brush. I had to remove the original song because of copyright infringement. Unfortunately the YouTube AudioSwap beta also reduced the quality of the video. When I get a chance I will upload a new higher quality video. I am also in the process of having some limited edition posters and artist prints made. I will be selling these prints on ebay to raise money for the CARE World Hunger Campaign. Please check out my other videos where I draw with more traditional mediums. Coming in April I am starting a series of instructional videos on how to draw portraits. I am also holding a contest on YouTube soon to win your own portrait. So subscribe to my channel to keep updated. Now to answer some questions.. The painting Measures 14x11 inches on foamcore surface. It is not permanent the video is the art. I do custom portraits in a variety of mediums. You can find some info at
Donna Dewberry teaches how to paint the cabbage rose using the One Stroke technique.
Most home buyers begin their search on the Internet, and if your home does not appeal to them, they will quickly click past it. On important consideration is the colors of your walls and floors -- if potential buyers cannot envision their furniture in your home they will not be interested. . Kay Barchetti of Coldwell Banker Real Estate explains the importance of choosing the neutral paint and flooring colors to increase the resale value of your home and to ensure that your home sells quickly. Featured Guest: Kay Barchetti, Coldwell Banker, Mobile: 412-691-5086, Business:412-366-1600 344, web: Filmed at Molyneaux Tile Carpet Wood in Pittsburgh, PA. Email your questions about flooring to and we will publish them and our answers in video.
This video covers tips for selecting color for any room in your home. Not only can these tips help in selecting paint color, but they can also be applied to the furnishings and accessories that would go in the room.
Using acrylic paints involves using an airbrush, paintbrushes or palette knives to apply the color to the canvas. Use acrylic paints with tips from an artist in this free video on painting. Expert: Lars Eric Robinson Contact: Bio: Lars Eric Robinson graduated from Ringling School Of Art & Design where he received his B.F.A in Illustration in 1994. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
Cut in the edges of a kitchen wall before using rollers. Learn how to cut in when painting a kitchen with tips from a painting contractor in this free video on home decor. Expert: Michael Stewart Bio: Michael Stewart is a professional house painting contractor specializing in custom interiors, including detailed restoration, fine art mural making and high-end faux finishing. Filmmaker: Jim Wehrheim
Time Lapse of us painting the decrepit walls of one of our sets for the upcoming short film: "Flash Point Zero" Music: Si Paloma by Sun Kil Moon
Using tools to scrape layers of paint to create a multi-dimensional effect in your paintings; learn this and more in this free online art lesson about painting on video taught by expert Matt Cail. Expert: Matt Cail Contact: Bio: Matt Cail is an artist who works in oil, water color and acrylic paints, among others. Filmmaker: randy primm
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